25th April 2016

What We Do


CORE is coffee, CORE is empowerment! A CO-ffee RE-cycling project set up for the benefit of disadvantaged women in Nottingham, women that have experienced trauma and have consequently taken a step back from society. CORE aims to provide a solution to two of the nation’s problems by reducing coffee waste and also empowering women by providing tools for these women to produce coffee body scrubs. This project doesn’t only benefit the environment and the vulnerable women. It would also benefit the consumers as coffee has been proven to enhance the beauty of the skin in many ways e.g. the elimination of blemishes and reduction of wrinkles.


SEED logo (1)-side


Created to provide opportunities and improve lives, the SEED (Sustainable, Empowerment, Education, Development) project has partnered with the Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum to tackle four problems that were highlighted during needs assessments; the lack of nutritious food, money, education and segregation in the community. We are creating vertical farms and urban green spaces within Nottingham City center, currently focusing on St Ann’s ward and the NNRF. With 56 different languages within the forum, we hope that this social space will become a melting pot for interaction as well as to create a pleasant environment to intrigue and increase the footfall from the local community.


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